ranjani powers

Ranjani Powers Kukkutasana

American Yogini Ranjani Powers has been teaching yoga fulltime for over 11 years.   Her personal yoga journey began as a young child when she began spontaneously to practice yoga asana, likhita japa, meditation and vegetarianism.   Since then, she has continually sought out the company of bona fide yoga masters to deepen her knowledge and practice of yoga.

In 1998, Ranjani received the blessings and instruction to teach yoga from Sri Swami Satchidananda.   That summer, she renounced her successful career and embarked on her yoga teaching vocation.   In 2003, Ranjani was bestowed the titled of Yogacharya in recognition of her dedication to yoga and her remarkable ability to transmit its teachings.

Ranjani Powers is the co-founder of Yoga XTC.   She has trained as well as inspired many yoga teachers and taught over 7,000 yoga classes all over the United States of America and abroad.   Currently, Ranjani lives in Singapore where she is practicing & teaching yoga, learning Hindi, and searching for the ultimate paper dosai.

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